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Tragic Bridge Collapse Near Baltimore Claims Lives of Six Workers

In a devastating incident early Tuesday morning, a cargo ship’s collision with the Francis Scott Key Bridge near Baltimore has led to the presumed deaths of six workers, including individuals from El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. As rescue efforts transitioned into recovery operations, families of the missing workers anxiously await closure amidst the tragedy.

Authorities revealed that eight workers were on the bridge when it collapsed, with two individuals successfully rescued. However, the search-and-rescue mission for the remaining six workers was halted on Tuesday evening, shifting focus to recovering their bodies from the wreckage.

Among those missing are two workers from Guatemala, whose identities have not been disclosed by the Guatemalan Ministry of Foreign Affairs out of respect for their families. The ministry pledged to continue coordinating with authorities to support search and rescue efforts for the missing nationals.

Additionally, the Mexican Consulate in Washington, D.C., confirmed late Tuesday that Mexican citizens were among the missing, though the exact number remains unspecified.

Miguel Luna, a dedicated worker from El Salvador, has been identified as one of the victims. A longtime resident of Maryland and a cherished member of the community, Luna failed to return home after his shift on the ill-fated bridge. His absence has left his family and colleagues at CASA, a nonprofit day worker center, reeling in shock and sorrow.

Maynor Nasir Suazo Sandoval, a Honduran national who immigrated to the United States two decades ago, is also counted among the missing. Honduran authorities have been in contact with Suazo Sandoval’s family members, both in Honduras and the U.S., as they grapple with the uncertainty surroundinTragic Bridge Collapse Near Baltimore Claims Lives of Six Workersg his fate.

Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA, emphasized the importance of providing support to the affected families during this harrowing time. As the Baltimore community mourns the loss of lives and awaits answers, the tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the risks faced by workers in hazardous environments.