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Tragedy Strikes as Teen Girl Fatally Stabbed in Galleria Area Robbery

In a shocking incident on Saturday, 17-year-old Kayla Stevenson was robbed and fatally stabbed while walking to work in the Galleria area. The assailant, described as a woman aged 25 to 35 wearing a brown jacket and leggings, managed to escape the scene. Witnesses reported the attacker fleeing on a blue bicycle found abandoned nearby.

A sergeant on an extra job in the area discovered Stevenson lying on the sidewalk after being flagged down by someone witnessing a dispute over a bag. Despite prompt paramedic response, Stevenson succumbed to her injuries.

Houston Police Department Assistant Chief Wyatt Martin urged anyone with information to contact the HPD Homicide Division or Crime Stoppers anonymously. As authorities intensify efforts to locate the suspect, shoppers are advised to remain vigilant, with police recommending precautions such as avoiding flashy accessories and using crossbody bags for safety. The community remains on high alert as investigators work to apprehend the perpetrator.