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Texas Welcomes a New Wave of Residents: Young People and People of Color Lead the Growth

When Jasmine Cambridge relocated from Atlanta to Austin in 2023, she found a community that resonated with her. As she settled into her new home, Cambridge noticed a trend among the Black individuals she encountered in Texas – many, like herself, hailed from elsewhere.

“Austin is up-and-coming, fertile soil,” remarked Cambridge, a 25-year-old server aspiring to work in marketing. “I’ve talked to a lot of people who have moved to Austin — especially people of color — about how there’s so much financial opportunity here.”

Cambridge’s observations reflect a broader pattern: Texas is experiencing significant growth, driven largely by young people and people of color, according to census data and firsthand accounts of those who have made the state their new home.

Many newcomers cite Texas’s allure of a lower cost of living compared to states like California and New York, alongside promising employment opportunities, ample housing, and family-friendly environments.

A Demographic Shift: Youth and Diversity Transform Texas

Census data from 2023 indicates that Texas leads the nation in population growth, welcoming 473,000 new residents – the highest influx among all states. Over the period between July 2022 and July 2023, Texas recorded a remarkable 1.6% increase in population, significantly surpassing the national growth rate of 0.5%.

Analysis by Business Insider reveals a shift in the sources of Texas’s growth. While in 2010, much of the state’s growth stemmed from births, by 2023, a larger portion was attributed to individuals relocating.

Economic Opportunity Drives Migration

Texas’s economic vitality and diverse communities are magnets for newcomers seeking better opportunities. Lauren Leining, a data analyst at the nonpartisan think tank Texas 2036, suggests that the state’s “economic opportunity and diverse communities” are attracting individuals and families alike, fostering tight-knit communities that draw in more acquaintances and relatives.

Texas: A Hub for Economic Expansion

Economists from Wells Fargo noted Texas’s exceptional growth in both GDP and employment, outpacing most other states. A December report by Bank of America underscored Texas’s economic prowess, surpassing the national average in economic and employment growth, with cities like Dallas and Houston poised to play increasingly significant roles in the nation’s economic landscape.

The Resurgence of the South: The New Great Migration

The trend of Black Americans returning to the South, termed the New Great Migration, is particularly notable in Texas. With over 4 million Black residents, Texas boasts the largest Black population in the US. Researchers at the Brookings Institution highlight this reversal, marking a significant demographic shift.

For Cambridge, her move to Austin signifies more than just a change of scenery; it represents a beacon of hope for a brighter future. “Austin is one of those places where there’s room for people — not just physically, but socially and on a socioeconomic level,” she shared. “It’s surprisingly diverse.”


As Texas continues to attract a diverse array of residents seeking economic opportunity and vibrant communities, the state’s demographic landscape is undergoing a transformation. From bustling cities to suburban neighborhoods, the Lone Star State stands as a beacon of promise for those seeking a better tomorrow.