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Super Saturday Shopping Frenzy Anticipates Record Turnout, Defying Last-Minute Rush Trends

Not so 'Super' Saturday: Retailers dangle fewer discounts for  inflation-weary shoppers | Reuters

In a bustling prelude to the festive weekend, consumers are set to swarm retail outlets on Super Saturday, the final Saturday preceding Christmas. This year, the shopping extravaganza falls just two days before the grand holiday celebration, prompting the National Retail Federation (NRF) to project a staggering turnout of over 140 million shoppers seeking last-minute gifts and holiday essentials in physical stores.

Among the eager shoppers is Carol Yachnik, who shared her enthusiasm for the variety at Boscov’s, stating, “I came to Boscov’s because they have a little of everything.”

A recent survey conducted in anticipation of Super Saturday reveals that 53 million out of the projected 142 million shoppers plan to exclusively shop in brick-and-mortar stores. This marks a significant increase from last year’s figure of 44 million. Additionally, 58 million individuals aim to adopt a hybrid approach, combining both online and in-store shopping experiences, leaving a notable 31 million opting for exclusive online purchases.

Expressing a preference for in-person shopping, Angelys Castro notes, “I like shopping in person; if I shop online and get the size wrong, it’ll be hard to return, so I like shopping in person better.”

The NRF anticipates a record surge in spending, estimating a growth rate of 3% to 4% from 2022, reaching an impressive total of approximately $966 billion.

Shoppers are reveling in the prospect of substantial savings, with Carol Yachnik attesting to the allure of “very good prices,” highlighting the affordability of flannel shirts priced at a mere $9.99, a significant drop from the usual $30-plus range.

As the festive spirit permeates the air, the NRF’s report identifies the most sought-after gifts this season, including gift cards, clothing and accessories, toys, beauty items, as well as books and other forms of entertainment.

While Christmas officially graces the calendar on Monday, the NRF emphasizes that the season’s shopping extravaganza extends well beyond the holiday itself, continuing into late December and early January. A remarkable 70% of consumers plan to extend their shopping spree, capitalizing on post-holiday sales and promotions, utilizing gift cards, and managing the return or exchange of unwanted gifts.

This year’s alignment of Super Saturday with December 23 harkens back to 2017, when the shopping phenomenon drew 126 million eager participants, foreshadowing the potential for another record-breaking year in retail activity.