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Spring-Like Weather Continues: Bright Skies and Warm Temperatures Expected

As we bask in the glow of this delightful weather, Houstonians can anticipate another gorgeous day ahead. Following Sunday’s pleasant afternoon, today promises bright sunshine and temperatures soaring into the upper 60s, marking one of the most beautiful days of the year so far.

Tonight, expect mostly clear skies with temperatures settling comfortably in the mid-40s, a significant uptick from the chillier morning temperatures we experienced earlier.

Looking ahead, it seems spring is eager to make an early appearance. Despite being 30 days away, this week offers a tantalizing preview of spring with temperatures expected to climb into the 80s. This warm-up can be attributed to a southerly flow induced by a high-pressure system situated to the east of Texas, ushering in warmer air across the region.

In the 10-day forecast, the trend of warming temperatures continues, culminating in our first 80-degree day of the year anticipated on Wednesday. However, a dry cold front is forecasted to sweep through on Thursday evening, temporarily cooling things down to the lower 70s for the upcoming weekend. It’s worth noting that our normal high for this time of year typically hovers in the upper 60s.

As we revel in this early taste of spring, stay tuned for further updates and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.