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September Marks 22nd Consecutive Month Of Upstream Oil And Gas Job Growth: 47% Of Jobs Recovered

Texas oil and natural gas companies added 1,100 up- stream jobs* in September, marking the 22nd consecutive month of job growth, according to data from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Texas has re- covered 47% of jobs lost between the high point in employment in December 2014 and the low point in September 2016. Since the low point, employment in the Texas upstream sector has grown by 55,100 jobs, which pay among the highest wages in Texas.

Oil and gas jobs are some of the best jobs in Texas. Continuous job growth in the oil and natural gas industry not only bolsters our nation’s energy security, but also anchors Texas families and their communities,” said Todd Staples, president of the Texas Oil & Gas Association. “Oil and natural gas jobs, investment and innovation secure our economy, our environment and our future.”

*Upstream activity includes oil and natural gas extraction and sup- port activities for mining and excludes other industry sectors such as refining, petrochemicals, fuels wholesaling, oilfield equipment manu- facturing, pipelines, and gas utilities.