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President Biden Kicks Off Houston Visit Amid Campaign Trail

President Joe Biden landed in Houston on Thursday as part of his ongoing campaign tour, touching down at Ellington Field shortly after 11:50 a.m. The president received a warm welcome from Houston Mayor John Whitmire and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo upon disembarking from Air Force One.

Biden’s visit to Houston follows closely on the heels of his recent attainment of the required number of delegates to become the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party in the upcoming 2024 Election.

While Texas is not typically classified as a battleground state, it holds significance due to its abundance of campaign allies. Accompanying the president aboard Air Force One are several key aides, including Bruce Reed, Annie Tomasini, Natalie Quillian, Karine Jean-Pierre, Vinay Reddy, Ben LaBolt, Ryan Montoya, John Kirby, John McCarthy, Ashley Williams, Marc Gustafson, and Rachel Chiu.

During his campaign stops, Biden has been emphasizing his achievements in areas such as manufacturing, particularly in states like Michigan and Wisconsin. Notable among his accomplishments is the CHIPS Act, which he highlighted during a recent visit to Arizona. Prior to arriving in Houston, the president made a stop in Dallas on Wednesday for a pair of fundraising events.

Reports from the Federal Election Commission indicate that Biden currently leads in fundraising over his presumptive Republican counterpart, former President Donald Trump. However, the spring season represents a crucial phase for fundraising efforts, preceding the summer party conventions.

In Houston, President Biden aims to further bolster his campaign’s financial resources through additional fundraising activities scheduled for Thursday, solidifying his campaign war chest for the battles ahead.