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NFL Owners to Decide Fate of Texans’ Ownership: cal McNair’s Future Hangs in Balance

At the upcoming NFL owners’ meeting, league owners will deliberate on whether to ratify Houston Texans chairman and CEO Cal McNair as the franchise’s new principal owner, a source disclosed to ESPN.

The critical vote is slated for Tuesday morning during the NFL owners’ session.

Following the passing of Bob McNair, the former owner of the Texans, in November 2018, his spouse Janice McNair assumed the role of principal owner for the Texans and became one of only 10 women holding such positions across NFL franchises.

In the wake of his father’s demise, Cal McNair has taken charge of the Texans’ day-to-day football operations and has been the face of the team at owner’s meetings, effectively representing the organization in place of Janice.

While reports of the vote surfaced, it’s imperative to note that the Texans are not slated for sale, according to an ESPN source, who emphasized that the franchise has no immediate plans for such a move.

If Cal McNair secures the majority vote from fellow NFL owners, he will continue to helm the franchise, a responsibility he has shouldered for the past five seasons. During this tenure, the Texans have recorded a 31-51-1 win-loss record.

The decision on McNair’s potential elevation to principal owner comes on the heels of the resolution of a legal matter concerning Janice McNair. Last month, one of her sons, Robert Cary McNair Jr., had filed a case seeking her declaration as incapacitated and the appointment of a guardian. However, on Feb. 26, attorneys representing Cary McNair and other involved parties jointly moved to dismiss the lawsuit, signaling the end of the legal dispute.