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Metro Takes Digital Signs out for a Spin

Some riders may notice nextgen upgrades at their bus stops. METRO is testing digital signs at 16 of its most popular stops and transit centers as part of a pilot project. The signs display next-bus arrival times, route updates and safety alerts, among other things.

“We know technological innovations can improve the rider experience and make our system easier to use. We are evaluating these devices in a number of areas including performance, accuracy and feasibility. Ultimately we want to find out what technology will serve our riders the best,” said METRO Chief Technology Officer, Randy Frazier.

The test displays, from four different manufacturers, vary greatly in design and functionality. Some resemble an oversized e-reader while others look more like a large color television.

During the test phase, METRO staff is also gathering feedback from customers. The pilot will last a little more than a month. The study’s findings and recommendations will be presented to METRO’s Board of Directors later this year. During the budget planning cycle, the board will have an opportunity to decide if permanent digital display upgrades should be funded.