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Mayor Whitmire Says Houston is “Broke” After Years of Overspending

Mayor John Whitmire sounded the alarm on the city’s dire financial situation, declaring Houston “broke” after years of overspending. The Democrat mayor, elected in December, delivered the sobering message during a City Hill meeting this week, where he unveiled a proposal for a five percent reduction in all city expenditures to address the cash-flow crisis.

“I think we can all agree that we’re broke,” Mayor Whitmire asserted, emphasizing the need for decisive action to confront the city’s fiscal challenges. “This gives us a chance to discuss the financial picture of this City. It is broken! It was broken when I got here,” he added.

Houston, America’s fourth-largest city, finds itself in a perilous financial predicament, with expenditures surpassing revenues, resulting in a staggering $160 million deficit, as reported by FOX 26 Houston.

Mayor Whitmire’s proposed budget cuts aim to mitigate the immediate financial strain facing the city, signaling a proactive approach to addressing longstanding fiscal mismanagement. As discussions unfold regarding the city’s financial future, stakeholders are bracing for tough decisions ahead to steer Houston back onto a sustainable fiscal path.