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John Whitmire Takes Oath as Houston’s 63rd Mayor

In a heartfelt ceremony, surrounded by family and close friends, John Whitmire officially assumed the role of the City of Houston’s 63rd mayor shortly after the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2024.

The early morning swearing-in unfolded in the dignified City Hall Proclamation Room, presided over by Harris County Justice of the Peace Victor Trevino, III. The oath of office was administered as Whitmire, placing his left hand on a bible held by his daughters, Whitney Whitmire Jenkins and Sarah Whitmire, pledged his commitment to serve the vibrant city.

Mayor John Whitmire, flanked by his daughters, taking the oath of office

Following the brief yet significant ceremony, Mayor Whitmire took the podium, expressing his dedication to ushering in a new era of ‘total transparency’ within his administration. He took the opportunity to extol the greatness of Houston, emphasizing the collective effort needed to propel the city forward.

“We have a great city with great people, and we must do everything possible to ensure Houston goes forward and becomes greater. From our Medical Center to our Port to the Spaceport, we will do everything we can,” remarked Mayor Whitmire.

After the celebratory moment, Mayor Whitmire wasted no time in joining Police Chief Troy Finner for a ride-along across various neighborhoods in Houston. The purpose was to gain firsthand insight into the challenges faced by first responders and underscore the importance of public safety.

“I am making public safety my highest priority from day one,” he declared, “supporting our officers and improving public safety for all our communities. Chief Finner and I are going to go to scenes throughout the morning to show our appreciation for first responders and let the citizens of Houston know that we have no higher priority than to do everything we can to make this a safer city, and I know we can do it. I know that officers are fired up to work for Chief Finner and Mayor Whitmire. Let’s go to work.”

Mayor Whitmire and Police Chief Finner on a ride-along

Beyond the immediate focus on public safety, Mayor Whitmire outlined a comprehensive agenda, promising to create a balanced and transparent budget, enhance city services, restructure the permitting office, address homelessness, combat illegal dumping, and upgrade critical infrastructure, including the water system, flooding, and drainage.

The official public inauguration of Mayor Whitmire, alongside City Controller Chris Hollins and the Houston City Council, is set to take place at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 2, at the esteemed Wortham Theater Center. The event will mark the formal commencement of their respective roles in guiding the city’s future.