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Investigation underway after Galveston house balcony collapses, killing ‘PR Fairy’ Susan Farb Morris

Investigation underway after Galveston house balcony collapses, killing 'PR Fairy' Susan Farb Morris

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) — A beautiful beachfront view turned tragic after a balcony collapsed on Galveston’s West End, killing a woman hours later.

Susan Farb Morris owned the home on Kahala Drive East in Galveston’s West End. On Friday, she was on a balcony when it came crashing down.

Morris was known as the “PR Fairy.” Her family says she embraced this title as she spread magic to promote the community.

Now, some are wondering how this could’ve happened. On Friday afternoon, Galveston officials say two people, including Morris, were hurt when the structure collapsed.

Eyewitness News was told that Morris didn’t appear to have fatal injuries.

Emergency crews responded, and she was taken to the hospital.

The medical examiner said she died hours later from blunt force trauma caused by a fall. Despite the damage to the home, no investigation was immediately launched.

It wasn’t until firefighters learned of Morris’ death days later on Monday that the city called for an investigation.

City officials told ABC13 building inspectors will be at the property Tuesday morning.

Inspectors haven’t been to the property in more than 15 years. Records show the house hasn’t had work done since 2008 after it was damaged by Hurricane Ike.

ABC13 was told that inspectors will examine the balcony for damage and to determine whether any recent work was performed.

Morris’ untimely death triggered a massive outpouring of support on social media. Nearly 1,000 comments were made after her family’s announcement.

On Monday, loved ones said goodbye as a funeral took place.