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Houston man allegedly shot nephew in the head three times, out on $200K bond

Houston man survived being shot in the head three times. Though he’s lost an eye to the attack, 25-year-old Joe Garcia’s family says his survival is a miracle.

“This is just truly a miracle like right before the holidays,” said his sister, Jasmine Garcia.

Joe’s uncle, Mario Uriostegui, 26, is charged with aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and deadly conduct in Harris County.

According to court records, two people were driving away when Uriostegui shot into the car six times. Jasmine says the other person was her brother-in-law.

She says that Uriostegui and Joe were in a business dispute when Joe decided to leave. Records say Uriostegui fired the shots as the victims were driving away.

Three shots were fired into a home which nearly hit a young child inside the home.

“To find out that he so recklessly did that and that he almost hit someone’s innocent child. Imagine if a child was hurt or hit or killed,” said Jasmine.

Court documents state when Uriostegui was told about Joe’s injuries, he laughed and said he “got what he deserved.”

Records show Uriostegui posted his $200,000 bond and is now walking free until his court date in February.

“He’s going to be able to be home for the holidays and spend Christmas with his family, and my brother is still in the hospital fighting for his life. It’s not fair,” Jasmine says.

She says she can’t believe that Harris County would allow her uncle to walk free.

“I feel like they’re taking the situation so lightly, and they’re putting this on paper and not realizing there are people behind this paper, and there’s a story and there are families.”

Records show Garcia has been convicted of one violent crime in Harris County, misdemeanor assault of a family member in 2020.

Source: Fox26