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Houston-Area Authorities Warn: Thieves Eyeing Homes with Discarded Christmas Waste

As the holiday season concludes, Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman is cautioning residents about post-Christmas safety measures to protect themselves and their homes. With a particular focus on the disposal of holiday-related waste, law enforcement officials are emphasizing the importance of safeguarding against potential criminal activity.

Constable Herman, in a Facebook post on Wednesday, emphasized the risk associated with leaving conspicuous packaging outside one’s home. He warned, “Criminals see those boxes after Christmas that had big screen TVs or computers, iPads, Play Stations, and they make a mental note to possibly come back to that house at a late time.”

To assist residents in maintaining their safety, local authorities have provided the following tips:

  1. Direct Disposal: Take Christmas cardboard directly to the dump or recycling station, ensuring that packaging does not reveal your address.
  2. Box Breakdown: Break down boxes not only to save space but also to make it difficult for onlookers to identify the contents.
  3. Concealed Disposal: Place refuse at the bottom of the trash barrel or recycling bin to hinder visibility.
  4. Gift Discretion: Avoid advertising holiday gifts by concealing empty boxes in trash bags rather than placing them for public pick-up.
  5. Record Valuables: Keep a record of the serial number and any identifying information for valuable items in a secure location.
  6. Secure Cash Gifts: Deposit cash gifts in the bank or a safe home location, refraining from carrying large amounts of cash in your wallet.

Constable Herman stressed the importance of correct Christmas tree disposal, urging residents not to dump trees illegally and to utilize local spots for proper disposal.

He emphasized, “Same way you avoid identity theft from those who would troll through your discarded bills and private paperwork.”

Residents are encouraged to follow these safety guidelines to ensure a secure post-holiday period and protect their homes from potential threats.