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Historic Battleship Texas Prepares to Return to Water After Extensive Restoration

In a significant milestone for maritime history enthusiasts, the iconic Battleship Texas commenced its undocking process on Tuesday morning, marking its return to the water after an 18-month hiatus. The re-floating of the Battleship Texas signifies a pivotal moment in its ongoing $75 million restoration endeavor.

Following its drydock stint at Gulf Copper Dry Dock & Rig Repair’s shipyard since August 2022, where extensive repairs totaling $21 million were undertaken, the Battleship Texas is now set to undergo the next phase of its restoration journey. During its time in drydock, the vessel underwent a comprehensive overhaul, with crews replacing over 700 tons of steel, conducting hull painting, and executing rigorous quality control assessments, as per the Battleship Texas Foundation.

The upcoming 18 to 24 months will see crews focused on replacing the ship’s deck superstructure and interiors, further solidifying its structural integrity and ensuring its preservation for future generations.

With a storied history spanning 122 years, including illustrious service in both World War I and World War II, the Battleship Texas holds a special place in naval heritage. Formerly stationed at the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site for over seven decades, the battleship is now poised to return to Galveston, where it will find a new home upon completion of its restoration efforts.

As restoration efforts progress, anticipation builds for the eventual reopening of the Battleship Texas, scheduled to welcome visitors to its revitalized quarters sometime next year. With each step forward in its restoration journey, the Battleship Texas reaffirms its status as an enduring symbol of maritime valor and heritage.