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HISD is Seeking Community Input on School Year Calendar

By Jessika Leal

The Houston Independent School District is seeking input on a proposed district calendar that includes a longer academic year and more time in school for students. The deadline to provide feedback is 5 p.m. on Friday, January 26, 2024.

Last month the HISD Board of Managers voted unanimously to become a District of Innovation.

As part of the district’s plan to become a District of Innovation (DOI), two extended school year calendars are being considered. In mid-January, certain HISD staff members and stakeholder groups—including the Teacher Advisory Committee, all principals, the District Advisory Committee, and leaders from all four geographic divisions in the District—had the opportunity to provide input on a few initial calendar options. From this input two potential calendars were submitted for the upcoming school year.

The second phase of the process is seeking feedback from families and staff. The recommended calendar will be submitted to the School Board for their consideration on February 8.

Click HERE to complete the survey and share feedback.

The DOI law was passed by the Texas Legislature in 2015. The law allows traditional school districts more local control over education programs and operations. This legislation provides flexibility including exempting themselves from education- related state laws like class sizes, educator certification and contracts.