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Harris County Attorney Ryan Wins Court Order Against Wastewater Plant Releasing 1000 times E. Coli Limit

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan obtained a court order on Friday against a Spring wastewater treatment plant that had been releasing 1000 times permitted levels of dangerous E. coli bacteria and other contaminates into Willow Creek.

State District Judge Corey Don Sepolio ordered J & S Water Company to treat sewage in accordance with Texas environmental laws. The facility located on Hobart street in northern Harris County serves the Five Oaks Mobile Home Park.

“This wastewater treatment facility has for too long released water with dangerous contaminants into Harris County’s waterways,” said County Attorney Ryan. “Foul odors and contaminated waters are not standards we tolerate in Harris County.”

Over the past three years J & S Facility has been cited by Harris County Pollution Control Service for water quality violations 13 times, including having alarmingly high E. coli levels exceeding 1000 times beyond the permitted limit, excessive levels of ammonia nitrogen and allowing sewage sludge to flow into Willow Creek.

According to the lawsuit, in August during an inspection, a county inspector fell into the water well of the lift station because it lacked a cover and protective railing.

“Our environmental efforts go after not only big companies but also the smaller operators when they repeatedly violate the law and endanger the safety and health of county residents, said County Attorney Ryan.

The judge set a hearing on the case for January 6.

Click the links to view the petition filed by the County Attorney and the temporary restraining order signed by the judge.