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Governor Abbott Announces Departure of Top Adviser

Governor Greg Abbott today announced that his senior aide Matt Hirsch will be departing the Office of the Governor. For the last seven years, Hirsch has guided messaging, press relations, and media strategy for the Governor. Hirsch joined the Governor’s team as Communications Director in 2013. In 2017, Hirsch was promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff where he oversaw communications and scheduling.

Hirsch worked closely with executive staff, state agencies, and officeholders to implement the Governor’s priorities and agenda. He successfully guided the Office of the Governor’s public response in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, in passing landmark public education and property tax reform, and in promoting Texas’ economic achievements here and abroad.

“Matt has been indispensable since Day One,” said Governor Abbott. “In times of crisis, Matt was at the forefront in helping craft and lead the Office’s response. His ability to navigate the most challenging policy and political issues and develop the right response is remarkable. I am grateful for Matt’s judgment, guidance, and leadership, and I wish him the best going forward.”

Hirsch has also served in Texas as Communications Director in the Office of the Lt. Governor. He previously worked on presidential, gubernatorial, and U.S. Senate campaigns across the country. Hirsch will continue to work in strategic communications and public relations on high stakes issues in the private sector. He will depart the Governor’s office at the end of February.