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Gov. Abbott offers assistance to Louisiana in response to Tropical Storm Barry

Governor Greg Abbott announced on Friday that Texas would be deploying resources to Louisiana to assist with disaster response as Tropical Storm Barry approaches the Louisiana coastline.

Texas will be deploying Texas Task Force 1’s Type III Urban Search and Rescue team with additional water rescue groups to assist in response efforts and prevent loss of life.

“Texans remember how the state of Louisiana came to our aid during Hurricane Harvey and now we are in turn lending our support as Louisianans face Tropical Storm Barry,” said Gov. Abbott. “Texas is continuing to monitor this storm and I have placed assets and teams on standby to respond to any severe weather that may impact our state. I am proud of the way our first responders are stepping up to assist in these crucial response efforts, and I ask all Texans to keep those in the storm’s path in their thoughts and prayers.”

The Office of the Governor said in a press release on Friday the following will remain on standby in Texas to respond to any severe weather event the state may face:

  • 2 Helicopters with Hoist Capability
  • 3 High Altitude Aircraft
  • Aircraft Refueling Trailer
  • 553 Troopers with Equipped Vehicles
  • 53 Trucks/SUVs
  • 5 ATV-type Vehicles
  • 55 Texas Rangers
  • 30 SRT Operators
  • 20 SWAT Operators
  • 4 Armored High Water Personnel Carriers
  • 2 Zodiac Boats
  • Safe Boat
  • 2 Communication Teams
  • 4 Command Trailers
  • Initial Reentry Assessment team
  • 4 Portable Satellite Packages
  • 6 Field Support Trailers
  • Inflatable Trailer
  • 3 Commercial Generators
  • Portable Radio Cache
  • 2 Cradle Points with Multiple Cell Carriers
  • AT&T Deployable Cell Site
  • 13 Shallow Water Boats
  • 9 Rescue Swimmers
  • State Coordinator
  • 7 District Coordinators
  • Critical Information Specialist
  • 10 Recovery/Mitigation Coordinators
  • 7 Emergency Tracking Networks
  • 8 Disaster District Committees
  • 2 Mobile Satellite Radios
  • Drone
  • 7 Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service Go-Kits
  • ATV/Polaris Ranger and Trailer
  • 11 Trauma Bags with Assorted Medical Gear
  • Rotary Wing MRP
  • 2 Ground Transportation Platoons
  • Food Unit Leader Support Team
  • Intake/Vetters Support Team
  • Military Desk Support Team
  • Multiple Personnel
  • 3 Saw Squads
  • 3 Planning Modules
  • 26 Game Wardens
  • 8 Airboats
  • Fuel Trailer
  • 4 SAR Boat Teams
  • Helicopter
  • SAR Overhead Team
  • 4 SWR Boat Squads
  • 10 Helicopter SAT Technicians
  • Type 3 USAR Team
  • 10 SAT Division Supervisors