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Girl Scout Troop Welcomed Back After Brief Dispute with Crumbl Cookies Franchise in Cypress

In a turn of events, tensions between a Girl Scout troop and a Crumbl Cookies franchise location in Cypress have been resolved amicably, dispelling earlier reports of a potential conflict.

Initial reports from ABC13 on Thursday suggested that the troop had been asked to vacate their usual spot at the Towne Lake Center, sparking concerns of a rift between the two entities. However, management has since confirmed that the troop has been welcomed back with open arms.

Jennifer Simmons, Chief Marketing Officer of the Boardwalk, shed light on the situation, explaining that in previous years, Girl Scout troops had coordinated directly with individual stores for cookie sales without the knowledge of the overarching agreements. This had inadvertently clashed with the center’s rules, which prohibited the solicitation or sale of items that could be seen as competing with nearby businesses.

However, management clarified that these rules were not intended to apply to Girl Scout cookie sales. Roxie Walker, managing partner of the Crumbl Cookies location in Cypress, emphasized that the troop was not viewed as competition but rather as a valued part of the community.

“It enhances the businesses here at the boardwalk. They really are the embodiment of community that Towne Lake Center stands for,” Walker affirmed.

Upon learning of the misunderstanding, management swiftly moved to rectify the situation. Simmons attributed the issue to miscommunication and has since reached out to the Girl Scouts’ general counsel to ensure a smooth resolution.

In a gesture of goodwill, Crumbl Cookies has pledged to purchase $2,000 worth of cookies to be donated to local police, firefighters, and Camp Hope. Walker expressed her desire to support the troops and make up for any potential loss in sales.

As the situation continues to unfold, Eyewitness News awaits confirmation from the Girl Scouts regarding the resolution. However, with both parties expressing a commitment to cooperation and community support, it appears that any potential conflict has been swiftly resolved.