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Former President Trump Outlines Criteria for Running Mate, Delays Announcement

In an interview on “Sunday Morning Futures” with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, former President Donald Trump disclosed his criteria for selecting a running mate but emphasized that he won’t be announcing his vice presidential pick “for a little while.”

During the interview, Bartiromo asked Trump about the factors he considers when identifying a potential running mate. Trump responded, stating that the primary criterion is assessing the individual’s capability to step into the role of president in case of an emergency.

“Always it’s gotta be who is going to be a good president. Obviously, you always have to think that because, in case of emergency, things happen, right? No matter who you are, things happen. That’s gotta be number one,” Trump explained.

When pressed by Bartiromo on specific candidates, Trump mentioned having numerous options and ideas, highlighting that he engages in discussions with various individuals. He shared an example, recounting a conversation with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, praising him for his recent defense and support.

“I called [South Carolina Sen.] Tim Scott and people like Tim Scott, and I said you’re a much better candidate for me than you are for yourself,” Trump remarked, commending Scott’s recent efforts in advocating for him.

Trump also lauded South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, noting her public statement that she would never run against him, asserting, “because I could never beat him.”

Addressing rumors about his campaign reaching out to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., for a potential ticket, Trump categorically denied such interactions, stating that it “never happened.” The former president remains tight-lipped about his eventual running mate, indicating a deliberate delay in making any official announcements.