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Family in Kingwood Thanks Neighbor and HFD for Saving Their 15-year-old Daughter’s Life

Kate Tiedtke (pronounced “tiki”) is a 15-year-old avid high school soccer player.  In December 2019, she participated in an out-of-state, national Soccer showcase for three days straight, then boarded a delayed flight and finally arrived home at 2 a.m.  A few hours later, Kate went to school and attended most of her classes, then practiced soccer  2 to 4 p.m., as usual. 
Kate was surprisingly not tired and told her Mom, “I feel like my heart is beating really fast!”  Ms. Laura Tiedtke was concerned, but Kate said she was energized and felt fine.

After dinner, Kate became suddenly tired.  She sat on her bed to do some homework and within moments, her Mom witnessed her stop breathing and lose pulses.  Kate’s dad, Darin Tiedtke, called 9-1-1 and asked their neighbor, a retired RN to help.  Their neighbor Katherine performed bystander CPR until HFD arrived.

A few minutes later, HFD Ladder 101 EMTs arrived, continued CPR and used their AED to shock Kate several times. HFD paramedics from Medic 102 arrived shortly thereafter and shocked Kate a few more times and provided advanced life support.  Kate’s pulse was restored and as crews placed her in the ambulance, she tried to talk and fought vigorously enroute to the hospital, pulling off her medical equipment!

Kate was hospitalized and has had a full recovery.  She is hoping to return to playing soccer very soon.

Kate’s parents, Laura and Darin Tiedtke, as well as older brothers, Chase and Luke, are so relieved that she survived this ordeal.  They all want to express their appreciation to the Houston Fire Department as well as to their neighbor Katherine Brown for helping save Kate’s life!

  • Bystander CPR: Katherine Brown, RN
  • HFD EMS Sr. 9-1-1 Telecommunicator: Mark Williams
  • L 101: Sr. Capt. Rebecca Wilson; E/O Michael Dixon, FF Ryan Twyman, FF Tory Rasmus,
  • M 102 Paramedics: E/O Jeffrey Grissom; FF Stephen Scott
  • EMS Supv. 30: Paramedic Capt. Christopher Ponzica
  • MD-6: Dr. Michael G. Gonzalez