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ERCOT Expresses Gratitude as Texas Residents’ Conservation Efforts Navigate Record-Breaking Peak Times

The recent conservation appeal in Texas concluded after residents willingly held back power consumption for two consecutive days during early morning hours, contributing to grid reliability during record-breaking peak times. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) expressed gratitude towards the efforts of Texas residents and businesses, acknowledging their collaboration in managing energy demands.

In a statement, ERCOT conveyed, “Thank you to Texas residents and businesses. Your conservation efforts, along with additional grid reliability tools, helped us get through record-breaking peak times (Tuesday) and (Monday) morning.” Despite the conservation appeal officially ending at 9 a.m., ERCOT emphasized the continuation of an ERCOT Weather Watch through Wednesday, serving as an advance notification of anticipated significant weather with high energy demand.

During an interview with ABC13’s Nick Natario on Monday, ERCOT CEO Pablo Vegas acknowledged the elevated risk associated with extreme weather events, highlighting the severity of one of the coldest winter weather events in Texas. Vegas affirmed ERCOT’s commitment to doing everything possible to maintain power supply amidst challenging conditions.

While the conservation appeal ceased at 9 a.m., ERCOT urged residents to sustain electricity conservation efforts between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. on Tuesday due to ongoing freezing weather in the Houston area. ERCOT’s online tracker indicated yellow grid conditions early Tuesday morning, signifying some strain on the grid. However, by the appeal’s expiration at 9 a.m., conditions had returned to the green, indicating normal grid operations.

Vegas disclosed ongoing collaborative efforts with transmission utility companies over the past few years to implement controlled outages, ensuring that electricity interruptions are minimized during adverse conditions. Residents were encouraged to monitor grid conditions on the ERCOT website for real-time updates.

Addressing potential outages, ERCOT clarified that any disruptions were local in nature and unrelated to grid reliability. As Texas navigates through challenging winter weather, the collaborative efforts of residents and ERCOT’s strategic measures continue to play a crucial role in sustaining power reliability.