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Dan Patrick Show Ignites Las Vegas Crowd Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

A fervent crowd in Las Vegas was electrified by the live broadcast of The Dan Patrick Show early Wednesday morning, setting the stage for an exhilarating kickoff to the city’s first-ever Super Bowl week.

Renowned sports broadcaster Jim Nantz, slated to provide play-by-play commentary for Super Bowl LVIII, treated the audience to a mock rendition of his iconic style, captivating viewers at the Fontainebleau Las Vegas pool deck. The Dan Patrick Show, a beloved sports talk program, has chosen Las Vegas as its hub for a week of live broadcasts leading up to the historic Super Bowl extravaganza.

Show host Dan Patrick, a seasoned veteran of over 30 Super Bowls as a journalist and broadcaster, reflected on the significance of Las Vegas hosting such a monumental sporting event, highlighting the city’s transformation from being shunned by the NFL due to gambling associations to becoming an integral part of the league’s operations.

“We’re family now. We’re all in this together,” remarked Jay Kornegay, Vice President of Race & Sports Operations at Westgate LV Resort & Casino, signaling the NFL’s newfound embrace of Las Vegas and the gambling industry.

In the past, the NFL’s aversion to Las Vegas was palpable, with strict restrictions on advertising and partnerships. However, with evolving attitudes and economic realities, the league has embraced the city’s vibrant culture and its symbiotic relationship with the gaming industry.

“This has been great for professional sports but let’s not kid anybody. The elephant in the room is painted green for money,” noted Patrick. “But thank God with Vegas, with gambling, because they monitor all of this. They have to monitor all of this.”

The buzz surrounding the Super Bowl has invigorated the local economy, with Las Vegas basking in the global spotlight and reaping the financial rewards. Fontainebleau Senior Vice President of Entertainment, Fedor Banuchi, emphasized the excitement surrounding the live broadcast of The Dan Patrick Show, underscoring the resort’s commitment to delivering an unforgettable Super Bowl experience.

Meanwhile, Circa in Downtown Las Vegas set the tone for the Big Game weekend with a live broadcast of The Dan Le Batard Show from Stadium Swim, adding to the city’s palpable energy. Radio Row at Mandalay Bay Convention Center has become a bustling hub for sports talk and entertainment shows, further amplifying the fervor leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

As Las Vegas embraces its newfound status as a Super Bowl host city, residents and visitors alike are reveling in the anticipation and excitement, laying the groundwork for future Super Bowl extravaganzas in the Entertainment Capital of the World.