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Cool and Calm Houston Weather Continues as 2023 Comes to a Close

The serene and calm weather that graced Christmas Day is expected to persist through the remaining days of the week, offering a pleasant atmosphere for the transition into the new year.

Today’s forecast includes the presence of high thin clouds, allowing ample sunshine to filter through and contributing to a gradual temperature rise into the upper 50s. This trend sets the tone for the upcoming week, promising a cooler and quieter weather pattern. Anticipate morning lows hovering in the upper 30s, while afternoon highs will comfortably settle in the mid-upper 50s for the majority of the week.

As for those with post-Christmas travel plans, the outlook remains favorable, especially for individuals staying within the borders of Texas. The calm weather conditions in Houston make for smooth travel experiences within the state. However, for those heading to the East Coast, it’s essential to be aware of potential disruptions. Showers and storms are forecasted for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, posing the possibility of travel delays. On the West Coast, the Pacific Northwest can expect lingering showers throughout the week. Fortunately, the rest of the country appears to be enjoying a relatively quiet and uneventful weather scenario. Travelers are advised to stay informed about local conditions and plan accordingly for a smooth and stress-free journey.