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City of Houston Declares March 26th as Que Onda Magazine Day

Houston, TX – March 26, 2024 – Mayor John Whitmire, accompanied by Houston City Council member Julian Ramirez, officially proclaimed Tuesday, March 26th as Que Onda Magazine Day in Houston. The proclamation ceremony, held at City Hall, celebrated the remarkable contributions of Que Onda Magazine, Texas’ leading Hispanic publication.

Established in 1993 by Jose and Lilia Esparza, Que Onda Magazine has become a cornerstone of the Hispanic community in Texas. The multi-generational family-owned magazine, led by publisher Gabriel Esparza, has continuously served as a platform for amplifying Hispanic voices and culture.

Joined by his mother and founder, Lilia Esparza, son and associate publisher Michael Esparza, wife Karina Garcia, magazine staff, and community supporters, Gabriel Esparza accepted the proclamation with gratitude. The City of Houston commended Que Onda Magazine for its profound impact on the local and national Hispanic population.

“The City of Houston recognizes the significant role played by Que Onda Magazine in empowering the Hispanic community,” stated the proclamation. “We commend Gabriel Esparza for his exemplary leadership in Que Onda Magazine and for highlighting the rich cultural heritage of the Hispanic population.”

With Hispanics constituting 44.55% of Houston’s population, and the largest subgroup being of Mexican descent, totaling 693,807 individuals, the influence of Latinos in the fourth-most populous city in the U.S. is undeniable. These proclamations underscore the vital contributions of the Hispanic community to the city’s cultural fabric and economic vitality.

Que Onda Magazine remains committed to its mission of promoting inclusivity, diversity, and cultural awareness. Through its pages, the magazine continues to celebrate the vibrant spirit and enduring legacy of Hispanic heritage.

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