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Bulletproof Vests, Neo-Nazi Book Among Evidence Seized from Lakewood Church Shooter’s Home

In the aftermath of the tragic incident at Lakewood Church, the City of Conroe Police Department has disclosed a detailed inventory of evidence confiscated from the residence of Genesee Moreno, the woman who entered the Houston mega-church armed with a loaded gun.

Moreno met a fatal end at the hands of officers after brandishing a loaded AR-15 rifle within the premises of Lakewood Church. The revelation of evidence comes as investigators strive to unravel the motives behind her actions.

KPRC 2 Investigates obtained 911 recordings, totaling 21 calls dating back to December 2019, shedding light on the series of events preceding the church shooting. Among these records, officials previously hinted at the potential presence of bomb-making materials within Moreno’s home.

Before succumbing to gunfire, Moreno inflicted injury upon a male victim inside Lakewood Church. Upon confrontation by law enforcement, she purportedly brandished her weapon and asserted possession of a bomb. Notably, one officer reported observing Moreno with a “yellow in color rope and substances consistent with the manufacture of explosive devices, which appeared to be a detonation cord.” However, the credibility of Moreno’s bomb threat remains unresolved.

The inventory of seized evidence paints a chilling portrait, including multiple rounds of ammunition, bulletproof vests, a white mask adorned with the phrase ‘Free Gaza Trump,’ a neo-nazi publication, and two containers housing unidentified white substances, among other items.

See full list of items found here:

As the investigation into the Lakewood Church shooting continues, authorities endeavor to piece together the puzzle surrounding Moreno’s motives and the circumstances leading to the tragic altercation.