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Are Texans moving to California? See What Experts Are Saying

Texans are not only steadfast in staying put but are also making a mark in the Golden State, challenging the narrative of a one-way migration. Census Bureau data reveals that California gained 42,279 residents from Texas in 2022, surpassing other states in attracting newcomers. Despite Washington and New York losing over 31,000 residents each to California, the Lone Star State remains a significant source.

Interestingly, the Texan influx into California seems to come with fewer challenges compared to the reverse migration. Californians choosing neighborhoods in Texas have been blamed for inflating the cost of living, leading to resentment and pricing some out. On the flip side, Texans often seek high-wage jobs to sustain themselves in California.

Abby Raisz, a senior research manager, pointed out that California’s net loss in residents is tied to a severe affordability crisis, especially affecting those earning less than $100,000. The struggle is reflected in Texas’ lower average salary compared to the national average, making a move to the high-cost California a financial challenge for many.

Despite the allure of Silicon Valley, not all Texans can easily navigate the West Coast dream. Insider’s August report highlighted tech workers’ discontent in Texas, favoring the career opportunities perceived in Silicon Valley. However, census data indicates a reciprocal migration flow, with over 102,000 Californians moving to Texas during the same period, revealing a dynamic exchange between these two populous states.