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Anticipating Rainy Start to 2024: Weather Outlook for the Coming Weeks

As a cold and overcast day settles in, the forecast predicts the arrival of widespread rain later tonight, signaling a potentially wet beginning to the new year.

Q: Are there any substantial rain chances as we head into the new year?

Absolutely! The outlook indicates a heightened likelihood of widespread rain in the days ahead. The first two weeks of 2024 are expected to be characterized by an active weather pattern sweeping across the country. Multiple weather systems are poised to traverse southeast Texas, bringing with them the potential for rain and even storms. The initial system is forecasted to pass through Tuesday night, ushering in widespread showers. Rainfall estimates range between half an inch to one inch, with precipitation tapering off by Wednesday afternoon. Subsequently, a similar weather system is anticipated on Friday, followed by another one the following Monday.

Q: What can we expect in terms of temperatures during this period?

With these successive rainy systems, the weather forecast anticipates not only overcast conditions but also cooler temperatures. Consequently, the first two weeks of 2024 might see a stretch of below-average temperatures. While mornings could be chilly, potentially dipping into the 30s, no precipitation is foreseen during these colder periods. Moreover, there remains the possibility of occasional warmer afternoons, as some days are expected to be bright and sunny, offering a varied mix of weather conditions throughout this early phase of the new year.