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Anticipated Wet Christmas as West Coast Storm Heads to Texas

A storm system originating from the West Coast is on its way to Texas, bringing the prospect of a wet Christmas Eve this year. While Houston currently boasts some of the most pleasant weather in the country, the impending weather shift signals the need for residents to prepare for rain during the holiday season.

Until Friday, Houstonians can revel in favorable weather conditions, but the approaching storm is set to disrupt holiday travel plans on Christmas Eve. The Accuweather Team is closely monitoring the evolving weather patterns as the system makes its way to Texas.

The system is expected to reach the Houston area on Friday, where it will stall, leading to scattered and intermittent rain throughout the day. By Saturday, heavier downpours are anticipated, particularly in the evening.

The likelihood of substantial downpours increases on Christmas Eve, with the forecast predicting widespread rain across Houston and East Texas for a significant part of the day. Some areas may experience thunderstorms, contributing to rainfall totals ranging from 1 to 3 inches in certain spots.

Fortunately, the weather is anticipated to clear up on Christmas morning, with cool temperatures and partly cloudy skies expected on Christmas Day. The day following Christmas is forecasted to be beautiful, starting with cool temperatures in the morning and reaching a high of approximately 62 degrees under mostly sunny skies.

As the West Coast storm approaches, residents are advised to stay informed about the changing weather conditions and plan accordingly, especially if traveling during the holiday season. Until the storm arrives on Friday, Houstonians are encouraged to enjoy the current favorable weather conditions in the city.