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Amazon Prime Video Announces Inclusion of Ads Starting January 29

In a recent email to U.S. members, Amazon announced that beginning January 29, ads will be integrated into movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video. This move aligns with the company’s September announcement and marks a departure from the platform’s previous ad-free experience. Prime members seeking to maintain an ad-free viewing experience will have the option to do so by paying an additional $2.99.

Amazon’s expansion of ads won’t be limited to the United States, as the company also plans to introduce advertisements in its Prime service across the United Kingdom and other European countries, along with Canada, Mexico, and Australia in the coming year.

The tech giant is following the footsteps of other major streaming services like Netflix and Disney, adopting a dual model that combines ad revenue with subscription fees. In its email to users, Amazon assured that it aims to have “meaningfully fewer ads” compared to traditional TV and other streaming providers.

The company justified the introduction of ads, stating that it would enable them to “continue investing in compelling content and keep increasing that investment over a long period of time.” This move reflects the evolving landscape of streaming services as they explore various revenue models to sustain and enhance their content offerings.