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ABC13 and ¡Que Onda! Magazine join forces to empower Latin and Hispanic voices

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — As Houston’s News Leader, ABC13 has a strong commitment to covering all our diverse communities.

Thursday, ABC13 Houston announced a content partnership with ¡Que Onda! Magazine, highlighting its inclusive storytelling and Eyewitness News’ nearly 70 years of reporting in southeast Texas.

Since 1993, ¡Que Onda! has served Latin and Hispanic readers by bringing bilingual Houston stories, culture and community resources to newsstands.

Together, we’ll focus on bringing you stories acknowledging and celebrating the contributions of Latinos and Hispanics in the Houston area.

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The two news organizations will share digital content, promote community events of value, and innovate how we serve all our diverse audiences.

Nearly 46% of Houstonians now identify as Hispanic or Latino, according to Census data.

“ABC13 is proud to be Houston’s news leader and if we’re going to stay on top, we must reflect and serve the needs of our diverse communities. We must understand the stories that matter most to Latin and Hispanic viewers and bring more of those stories to wider audiences with great partners like !Que Onda!.”

ABC13 is celebrating 70 years of service to the Houston community this year.

The station was the first to hire a female Hispanic reporter in the Houston market when Elma Barrera joined the team in 1983.

Today, Eyewitness News is proud to have deep roots in Houston’s Hispanic and Latin communities, with many anchors and reporters growing up and raising families here.

Meet the Esparza family, ¡Que Onda! Magazine publishers

¡Que Onda! Magazine celebrated 30 years of service in September, and was recently awarded proclamations by Houston Mayor John Whitmire and Harris Co. Commissioner Lesley Briones.

Publisher Gabriel Esparza said he is thrilled by the opportunity this partnership brings as his magazine looks forward to its next 30 years.

“We are honored to be partnering with Houston’s news leader, ABC13. Our goal is to inform Houstonians about the Hispanic community and show them the impact of culture, business, and stories that make this community special,” Esparza said. “We plan to use both of our resources to spread awareness through news, promotions, events, and celebrations.”

For more information, visit Que Onda Magazine’s website.