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90-degree weather continues this week, feeling hotter as we add tropical-like humidity

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The sunny and warm weather this weekend was just a taste of what’s to come later this week. By Tuesday we’ll add in tropical-like humidity, which could send feels like temperatures into the triple digits for the first time this year.

Temperatures Monday morning will start off in the low 70s. A few areas of fog are possible once again, which will be mainly west and south of Houston. Otherwise Monday will be another sunny and warm day, just like what we had this weekend. You may feel more of a breeze though.

What do I need to know about this week’s weather?

The heat is going nowhere, and the humidity will only get worse. That will push low temperatures higher into the upper 70s by Tuesday morning, and the heat index will climb into the mid-90s to near 100. Those who know they’ll be without power for an extended time need to consider finding a place to stay cool during this hot and steamy stretch of weather. We do have a small chance of thunderstorms returning Thursday as a front pushes into the northern part of the state.

So how many 90-degree days can we expect?

Sunday was the second day in a row with 90 degree weather, and by the end of this week we could add a few more 90-degree days to that streak. As of right now we have high temperatures staying in the low 90s over the next 10 days. The only two days where temperatures might not touch 90 is Wednesday and Thursday, and that would be because of cloud cover or storms.

Any potentially stormy days I need to be aware of next?

It’s been a pretty active month for rain and thunderstorms with 10 of the past 19 days with rain recorded at Bush Intercontinental. And while these next couple of days will be quiet, the ABC13 weather team is keeping a close eye on the next storm system that could take shape into the middle to end of next week. Thursday in particular there’s the chance that thunderstorms that develop north of Southeast Texas move from the north. There’s still a lot of variability though this far out, but as of now Thursday is Houston’s next best chance for rain and storms.


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This story comes from our news partner ABC13 Houston.